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Aside from working with businesses and public institutions, we also work with many home owners! Mold/mould is a serious problem in the residential world and due to frequent flooding in the past few years, it is widespread and quite common in most homes. We are not only professionals in what we do, we also have families of our own to look after and nothing is more important than the air they breathe. If you suspect mold/mould infestation in your home (not always visible), you owe it to your family to make sure the air they breathe is safe.
Our clients include public works departments, home and office builders, property management companies, real estate agencies, remediation and restoration companies, home owners or any other entity responsible for maintaining a safe and contaminant free indoor environment.
Some Satisfied Customers
  • Affinity Credit Union
  • CP Rail
  • City of Saskatoon
  • Saskatchewan Highways
  • Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration
  • Brothers in Grime
  • Circle Drive Care Home
  • Genworth Financial
  • Colliers McLocklin