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Each member of the CIAQI team is a highly qualified building inspector with exceptional abilities to correctly identify construction concerns and recommend appropriate actions. This is achieved through the in-depth study of building sciences and years of experience in the indoor air quality industry in both residential and commercial applications. If there is an indoor air quality concern in your home or place of work, we’ll find it. Guaranteed!
Our clients include public works departments, home and office builders, property management companies, real estate agencies, remediation and restoration companies, home owners or any other entity responsible for maintaining a safe and contaminant free indoor environment.
I have worked with CIAQI and Frank Browne for many years. In my mind, he’s the Mike Holmes of Saskatchewan. If you have an issue with foundations, basements, landscaping, siding, decks, concrete, water, mold and on and on, he will find a solution for you. I like dealing with him and recommending him because I feel that he is always available no matter what is going on in his business.

He is an excellent communicator and that is where the trust comes in to play. I trust Frank and CIAQI for that reason. He and his crew provide easy to read and understand quotes for the work they plan to execute and when it comes time to get the job done, they take care of every single detail. When they leave, the area they worked in is spotless and always in better shape than when they came.

In what inevitably should be a stressful situation, dealing with Frank alleviates the stress and provides confidence and satisfaction in a job well done! Trust CIAQI, I know I do! – Lisa Mueller

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